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Polytechnic Round Filter (1 pack of 100) SKU 100759NW

SKU: 100759NW
The Polytechnic Round bacterial viral filter is round in shape and white in color.

The Polytechnic Round bacterial viral filter is round in shape, white in color and comes in boxes of 100. Vitalograph filters use an electrostatically charged material that traps expectorated matter plus bacteria and viruses for highly effective protection against cross-contamination.

Filter Size: 30.1 mm OD | 25.4 mm ID

Fits the Following PFT Equipment: Inchek™, InCheck DIAL™, Multispiro™
Creative Biomedics, Vitalograph, Schiller, MicroDirect, SDI (PulmogardII™), Most Cosmed Models, MIR (all models), P.K. Morgan 232, Future Med(Spirobank), PB-400, PB-600, CDX Spiro 850, Spirometrics (Flowmate, Flowmate+), SMII, & Vacumed (MicroPlus, Micro GP-GL, Micro Loop, Pony)

Filter Specifications

Dead Space: 53mL

Resistance: 45cm/H2O/L/s

Bacterial Efficiency: >99.99%

Viral Eff: >99.92%