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Diagnostic Testing Consulting

Treating respiratory conditions begins with the correct treatment and diagnosis. The team at CDS can work with you as a diagnostic testing consultant to ensure that you have the best and most thorough diagnostic services for your patients. 

CDS works with healthcare organizations & clinicians to maximize pulmonary care. We offer consulting services to increase workflow efficiency, add or expand existing pulmonary services & offer world class equipment solutions to enhance clinical practice.

When you trust CDS for pulmonary function testing, diagnosis, and treatment, we guarantee that your practice and your patients will receive the best possible care available. Our expert team is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experience to help you provide patient-centered care that is affordable for your practice. 

Our diagnostic testing consulting services offer PFT equipment training and support services to help you consistently offer your patients the highest level of testing and treatment available. We work with specialty and primary care physicians, as well as case management and care coordination teams to bring our expert knowledge and experience with respiratory and pulmonary diseases directly to you. This allows us to help you make the greatest impact in your patients’ lives.  

For occupational health clients, our Respiratory Therapists travel to locations to perform a wide range of pulmonary function testing that doctors would normally have to send their patients offsite to a specialty location, making it easy and convenient for the doctor and patient to get results the same day. 

Spirometry best practices can often be overlooked in many practices and especially in the primary care setting. However, with the help of the CDS experts, you can always report accurate and reliable spirometry data to patients. 

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