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Vitalograph Pneumotrac™ with RMS

SKU: 77972
A woman seated at a desk is preparing to use the Pneumotrac™ with RMS (Respiratory Muscle Strength) system.
The Pneumotrac with RMS comes with:  MIP MEP flowheads, Spirotrac® 6 Software, USB cable, and SpiroTutor® training.

Manufactured by: Vitalograph®

The Pneumotrac™ with RMS (Respiratory Muscle Strength) is a PC-based system that combines Respiratory Muscle Strength measurements and Spirometry – offering multiple testing possibilities on a single device, as portable as your laptop. It can be used in various settings such as in-clinic on a desk or placed on a trolley with a laptop for use at the bedside.

Alongside detailed spirometry testing, it provides a simple approach to mouth pressure and nasal pressure measurements in both adults and pediatrics. It can be used to:

  • assess diaphragmatic weakness in patients with neuromuscular disease (NMD)
  • assess respiratory muscle strength in patients undergoing pulmonary rehabilitation e.g., COPD patients
  • monitor the response of respiratory muscle training

 The Pneumotrac with RMS has all the benefits of the market leading Pneumotrac Spirometer with the addition of respiratory muscle strength measurements.

The Pneumotrac with RMS comes with:

  • MIP MEP flowheads
  • Spirotrac® 6 Software
  • Protective carry pouch
  • USB cable
  • SpiroTutor® training (see below for details)
  • 5 yr warranty (see below for details)

Get certified device training via our online training resource SpiroTutor™ by Vitalograph® which is available 24/7. One FREE enrollment provided with the registration of your Pneumotrac device.  A training certificate is issued upon completion.

Comes with 5-Year Warranty with unlimited technical support if registered within 30-days of purchase. (terms and conditions apply)  

Check out Reimbursement codes for Vitalograph Devices in the USA and watch the short video! 

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