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Carefusion/Vyaire Elliptical Filter Kit with Noseclip

SKU: 100757EN
Two nose clips and one low-resistance, elliptical shaped bacterial/viral mouth filter.

Box of 100

The Elliptical Carefusion Filter Kit with Noseclip is all white in color and each box contains 100 kits. This BVF, low-resistance filter that is included in the kit is superior in quality and has a >99% bacterial and viral protection.

Filter Size: 34.3 mm OD | 30.0 mm ID

Fits the Following PFT Equipment: SensorMedics, 2200, 2400, 2450, 2800, Vmax Keystone, I&II, Pail, Cybermedics, Moose, Gould, 5004, & Jaeger Models

Manufactured by: Polytechnic Resources, Inc.