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CDS exists to create custom pulmonary solutions that simplify the complexities of quality driven healthcare. We make pulmonary care simple.

Diagnosis and treatment of chronic pulmonary diseases, such as cystic fibrosis, asthma, and COPD, can often be complex and complicated, especially within primary care settings. Fortunately, the experts at Carolina Diagnostic Solutions are here to help you.

Our team helps you effectively execute value-based care to make caring for pulmonary patients less challenging and cumbersome by offering a wide range of pulmonary function testing equipment, designed to meet your individual practice needs.

We can help your practice create better patient experiences that will result in greater patient satisfaction and higher retention rates. Not sure how to set up a program? Need a fresh set of eyes to revise your existing program? Contact us about consulting services to maximize your resources and better serve your patients and providers.

CDS partners with healthcare providers and organizations to improve pulmonary population health management. We will work alongside strategic partners to bring change to care delivery models and decrease burdens across the continuum.

Partner with Us

At Carolina Diagnostic Solutions, we understand that primary care is responsible for diagnosing, treating, and managing a number of chronic diseases. This can often be costly and complicated. Furthermore, the value-based payment system typically used leaves most primary care offices and organizations struggling to comply with new regulations. With the complexities and cost of care, it is often difficult for many organizations to offer the best care for COPD, asthma and other patients in need of respiratory care, testing, and treatment.

That’s where the experts at CDS can help. We are the best solution to your struggle! There are many benefits to partnering with CDS in your practice:

  • Spirometry testing can be an Additional Revenue Stream
  • No Capital equipment investment if enrolled in our local QA/QC program
  • No additional Staff required, we provide training for existing staff
  • Convenient, on-site testing at your practice means patients can stay in local offices.
  • Greater Patient Satisfaction, Outcomes, and Retention
  • Early Testing yields Decreased ED and hospital admissions
  • Evidence Proven Strategies
  • Consulting services for Workflow Evaluations, Spirometry QA/QC to Maximize Pulmonary services

The professional team at Carolina Diagnostic Solutions offers mobile pulmonary diagnostic testing and chronic care management services, including:

  • A wide Range of PFT (Pulmonary Function Testing) available
  • Tests performed by experienced NBRC Credentialed Practitioners
  • Same-day testing results
  • Feedback and recommendations provided to physician
  • Education and resources for Asthma/COPD patients

With over 20 years of clinical and sales experience in the pulmonary healthcare industry, our team offers simple yet effective solutions for pulmonary testing, diagnosis, and treatment. Our products and services provide you with comprehensive options for pulmonary testing and disease management to streamline your processes and give you and your patients trustworthy data.