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About CDS | Simple & Effective Pulmonary Solutions

CDS exists to create custom pulmonary solutions that simplify the complexities of quality driven healthcare. We make pulmonary care simple.

Carolina Diagnostic Solutions was founded as a resource to help clinicians offer better respiratory testing, diagnosis, and treatment to patients. With nearly 20 years in the respiratory industry, CEO Amanda Clark created CDS after recognizing the tremendous need for basic pulmonary care management resources at all levels in the healthcare  market to help offer quality testing products while supporting both providers and their patients.

Amanda founded CDS in 2014. Her goal was to fulfill the need for pulmonary diagnostic testing devices, supplies, and training after seeing an overwhelming need within the industry. Often, many patients are "diagnosed" with chronic pulmonary diseases without verification from pulmonary function tests, such as spirometry. To further complicate this issue, there are often quality issues with results that lead to confusion and misdiagnosis. Amanda saw these issues, as her opportunity to serve colleagues directly and indirectly help improve patient outcomes. She believes that the way to fundamentally correct and improve care is at the core in the medical home, primary care.

Now, CDS works with healthcare organizations & clinicians to maximize pulmonary care. We offer consulting services to increase workflow efficiency, add or expand existing pulmonary services, & offer world class equipment solutions to enhance clinical practice.

At CDS, we focus on helping both patients and providers navigate the changing dynamics of today’s quality-driven healthcare environment, and are dedicated to equipping patients and providers with information regarding an allergy, asthma, COPD and other pulmonary diseases and diagnosis..

Our primary goal is to increase the quality of care provided, and in turn, to increase the quality of life for the patients we serve. We provide QA/QC programs, diagnostic testing devices, self-management tools like remote monitoring devices, and training/ education for clinical end-users to ensure  confidence in clinicians.

CDS partners with healthcare providers and organizations to improve pulmonary population health management. We will work alongside strategic partners to bring change to care delivery models and decrease burdens across the continuum.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can serve you with all of your pulmonary testing, diagnosis, and treatment needs.