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Quality issues can be overcome!

When it comes to lung disease, early detection and diagnosis is crucial.

That’s why ensuring that your organization is offering the highest quality spirometry and other testing resources for patients is so important. 

As far as COPD is concerned, the industry is failing to adequately diagnose and treat patients, meaning unnecessary patient suffering. It is estimated that COPD is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States, just behind heart disease and cancer. COPD currently affects around 15 million patients, but a staggering 12-15 million are living with this disease undiagnosed. In fact, it is believed that about 7% of every primary care physician’s practice total population is suffering from COPD. Because of the gross underdiagnosis due to lack of testing options, training and supplies, our industry is not prepared for this epidemic. The current cost of the industry is $32 billion and is expected to continue to increase exponentially, reaching $49 billion by 2020. 

Asthma patients make up roughly 8% of every PCP’s population, and asthma related visits account for 8-10% of all PCP visits. It is estimated that 1 in every 13 people have asthma and about 70 people die each year in South Carolina from asthma related symptoms or complications. 

Providers are charged with managing multiple chronic diseases with limited resources...

making testing and treatment both costly and complicated. Unfortunately, this results in severe consequences for patients. Failure to test for these diseases or using poor quality testing options mean unknown or misdiagnosis of diseases and delays in proper treatment. This also increases the cost of care for these patients in the long run. 

When testing the accuracy and quality of spirometry care in primary care offices, experts found that 40% of spirograms assessed failed to meet minimal ATS standards for reporting and only one out of every 17 devices tested via waveform generator met accuracy criteria. 

We understand the obstacles your facing!

  1. High referral costs
  2. Access to capital
  3. Compliance gaps
  4. Supply expenses
  5. Equipment maintenance costs
  6. Staff attrition

And list goes on... That’s why we’re passionate about helping you offer the highest quality testing and treatment options to patients. As a CDS partner, you can expect more patient and revenue retention, with fixed monthly rates that require no capital. Through us, you can purchase supplies at a discounted rate and know that your equipment is always well maintained. We also offer educational tutorials, competency programs and remote technical support to make sure you and your staff are adequately equipped. 

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