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COVID-19 Products for Safe Spirometry

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to offer cost-effective and safe solutions to protect you and your patients.

Eco BVF PFT Lab Filter with Bite-Lip (fits Carefusion, Vyaire, SensorMedics) Vitalograph (BVF) Bacterial Viral Filters are the best way to protect your patients, clinicians and equipment when practicing spirometry. BVF filters offer 99.999% Cross Contamination Efficiency for both bacteria and viruses. *It has been confirmed that this includes Coronavirus, which has smaller particulates.  

 Polytechnic Filters also offer protection for your patients, clinicians and equipment while practicing spirometry with some added comfort. These filters offer 99.92% Cross Contamination Efficiency for viruses and 99.98% Cross Contamination Efficiency for bacteria. 

SafeTway MDI One-Way Mouthpieces are one-way mouthpieces. The low resistance SafeTway mouthpieces allow for entry of inspired air to the patient but not back into the medication device. May be useful in implementing a Respiratory Department's Common Canister Protocol.  

Lung Monitor offers the ability to remotely monitor your patients, keeping them out of waiting rooms and offices. The Lung Monitor Measures FEV1, FEV6 and the ratio and Displays % of Personal Best FEV1. Uses electronic records via Bluetooth capabilities, keeping things organized and systematic.


Asma-1 also offers the ability to remotely monitor patients. It is a simple, home use, electronic respiratory monitor that measures PEF and FEV1. Having the ability to personalize your PEF and FEV1 zones help tailor this device specific to the patient.