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BOGO Deals

Start the year out right with a BOGO to enhance your patient care. Buy one, get one of the following with promo code: BOGO Screen

ASMA-1 to measure PEF and FEV1

ASMA-1 Child to measure PEF, FEV1, and FEV0.5 or FEV0.75

COPD-6 screener to measure FEV1, FVC (FEV6), estimated lung age, and Obstructed Ratio. 

SafeTway One-Way Mouthpieces an economic way to measure in office or at the beadside with the devices listed above. 

These monitors are our simplest device to monitor your patients with. Paired with the disposable mouthpiece for quick readings at home or in the office. Note the BOGO devices are non-transmital.


Get 2 free AIM starter simulator kits with the purchase of an AIM device. Just add your AIM device to the cart with 2 starter kits and discount is automatically applied at checkout, a value of >$50 

Offer good for one discount per order, valid through March 31