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Eco BVF Office Spiro Filter with Bite-Lip (fits Vitalograph, Morgan, etc) SKU: 28554

SKU: 28554
Eco Office Spiro Bacterial/Viral Filter with bite-lip is white translucent in color and has an elliptical shaped mouth piece.

Box of 75

99.999% Effective against covid!

The Eco Office Spiro BVF with bite-lip is white translucent in color and comes in a box of 75. This filter is economical and eco-friendly. You experience the same great quality with the elliptical shape but at a reasonable price. These filters have an elongated shape with the added bite-lip feature, providing a more comfortable seal for patients. This standard size fits Vitalograph products.

Filter Size: 30.53-32.01 mm OD | 28.39-29.99 mm ID

Fits the Following PFT Equipment: Inchek™, InCheck DIAL™, Multispiro™
Creative Biomedics, Vitalograph, Schiller, MicroDirect, SDI (PulmogardII™), Most Cosmed Models, MIR (all models), P.K. Morgan 232, Future Med(Spirobank), PB-400, PB-600, CDX Spiro 850, Spirometrics (Flowmate, Flowmate+), SMII, & Vacumed (MicroPlus, Micro GP-GL, Micro Loop, Pony), , Morgan PFT, Medisoft 

Manufactured by: Vitalograph

Filter Specifications

Dead Space: 55mL

Resistance to Airflow@1L/sec: .04kPa/(L/s)

Bacterial/ Viral: >99.99%