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Respiratory Navigator Toolkit

SKU: 40451-45710-45614-20242
Top left is a USB COPD Screener.  Top Right is Vitalograph AIM™ (Aerosol Inhalation Monitor).  The lower portion of the image is two MDI and two DPI simulators.
A man breathes using a set of white nose clips and a USB COPD Screener.
An infographic showing the Respiratory Navigator display.  If red dots are shown, it is a fail.  Sub-optimal inspiratory flow rate, or the inhaler was not activated/fired.  If orange dots appear, the reading is Poor.  The inhalation time was not met or the breath was held for too short a time.  If green dots show up, the reading is good.  A correct force of inhalation with adequate inspired volume and breath hold time.
A sample COPD screening report.
Text at the top reads: SpirOTutor, by Vitalograph. Below and beside the text, interfaces for online training are shown on both phone and computer.

The ultimate set of tools for any clinician to assess disease staging (via GOLD Scoring) and evaluate medication technique and deposition for risk assessment and successful management strategies.

Includes: COPD6 Screener (USB), Vitalograph AIM™ & Testing Supplies.

The USB COPD screener (SKU: 40451) is a valuable device that serves as a home monitor and also a screener prior to spirometry. The USB COPD screens out those who have normal FEV1's, therefore those who do not have COPD, without the risk of false COPD negatives. This capability allows spirometry resources to be focused on the highest risk patients. This device measures FEV1, FEV6, ratio, lung age, for GOLD COPD assessment. Accepts input of age, gender, height, and race and calculates predicted value and percentage predicted. The USB feature adds the capability of computerized COPD stage screening reports via included Vitalograph Reports software.

The Vitalograph AIM™ (Aerosol Inhalation Monitor SKU: 45710) is designed to assist medical practitioners in training subjects to use their inhaler correctly. Teaching patients correct techniques will result in more accurate drug delivery and ultimately better disease management. The AIM uses a single-use disposable inhaler to provide its feedback on the correct technique including Inspiratory acceleration at the start of inspiration, the timing of the firing of MDI/ Activation of DPI, inspiratory flow rate throughout inspiration, and breath-hold time at the end of inhalation.

Supplies Included:  AIM™ Starter Kit (SKU: 45614) contains 5 each MDI and DPI simulators, 1 each Placebo canister, and one box of SafeTway One-way Mouthpieces (200ct) (SKU:20242)

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