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Disposable MDI Inhaler Simulator

SKU: 45611
Two gray Disposable MDI Inhaler Simulators are shown.  One contains a Placebo Aerosol Cannister.
Disposable MPI Inhaler Simulator shown attached to the Vitalograph AIM™ (Aerosol Inhalation Monitor). The product is circled and has an arrow pointing to it.

The Disposable MDI Inhaler Simulator is used to assist with hfa inhaler training module on the Vitalograph AIM™ device (Aerosol Inhalation Monitor). Use of this simulator requires a Placebo Aerosol Cannister. Use cost analysis of these disposables is listed below. Package of 25.

Disposable MDI Inhaler Simulator (box of 25) $39/ Box of 25 - $1.56 per patient

Placebo Aerosol Canister (box of 8) $160/ 10¢ per dose; average 4 doses per training = 40¢ ea. 

Manufactured by: Vitalograph