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Medical Graphics Elliptical Filter

SKU: 100760EW
Medical Graphics Elliptical Filter

Box of 100

The Medical Graphics Elliptical (BVF) bacterial viral filter mouthpiece is elliptical in shape, white in color and each box contains 100 filters. This product is made for maximum comfort and for optional use without rubber flanged mouthpieces. The Medical Graphics BVF bacterial viral filter mouthpiece is a wonderful alternative to use in daily testing as the shape provides comfort for the elderly patient population as well as helping to maintain a seal, making it possible to get the best result with fewer maneuvers; saving time and energy.

Filter Size: 38.8 mm OD | 34.5 mm ID

Fits the Following PFT Equipment: Brentwood 4000 & Medical Graphics

Manufactured by: Polytechnic Resources, Inc.

Filter Specifications

Dead Space: 53mL

Resistance: 45cm/H2O/L/s

Bacterial Efficiency: >99.99%

Viral Eff: >99.92%