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The PFT Elliptical Filter SKU 100758EW

SKU: 100758EW
The PFT Elliptical Filter mouthpiece is elliptical in shape and white in color.

Box of 100

The bacterial filter mouthpiece is elliptical in shape, white in color, and each box contains 100 filters. This low resistance filter protects PFT/ spirometry systems with >99% bacterial protection. It is made for a more comfortable fit and for optional use without rubber flange mouthpieces.

Filter Size: 28.4 mm OD | 26.4 mm ID

Designed to accommodate use with the Following PFT Equipment: Nspire® PFT, Koko® PFT, Collins® DCll & Body Box or Gas Systems

Manufactured by: Polytechnic Resources, Inc., SKU 100758EW


Filter Specifications

Dead Space: 53mL

Resistance: 45cm/H2O/L/s

Bacterial Efficiency: >99.99%

Viral Eff: >99.92%