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Eco Lab Spiro BVF Kit (Carefusion/ Vyaire/ SensorMedics)

SKU: 28552
Eco Lab Spiro BVF Kit (Carefusion/ Vyaire/ SensorMedics)

Box of 60

The Eco Lab Size BVF Kit is white translucent in color and comes in a box of 60. This kit includes an elliptical mouthpiece with a clear silicone front bite and an all-plastic eco-disposable nose clip. This kit is economically friendly as well as eco friendly, offering great quaility at an exceptional price point. Its standard size fits most Carefusion/ Vyaire/ SensorMedics PFT.

Fits the Following PFT Equipment: Carefusion/ Vyaire/ SensorMedics PFT machines.

Filter Specifications

Dead Space: 55mL

Resistance to Airflow@1L/sec: .04kPa/(L/s)

Bacterial/ Viral: >99.99%