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Vitalograph Pneumotrac™ with Spirotrac® 6 Software

SKU: 77902
Pneumotrac™ Spirometer is shown with a screenshot of the Spirotrac® software in the background.
The entire Pneumotrac™ Spirometer kit is shown, including the spirometer, a set of nose clips, a Bacterial/Viral filer mouthpiece, and the stand for the machine.
The Pneumotrac™ Spirometer is shown on a clear bacground.
At the top, a blue circle contains the words "5 Year Warranty."  Below, the circle there is text saying "SpirOTutor by Vitalograph."

Manufactured by: Vitalograph®

The next generation Pneumotrac™ Spirometer combined with the new and improved Spirotrac® software is a powerful and flexible respiratory diagnostic device. Improved sleek design with no moving parts for optimal robustness. This Pneumotrac™ has a reduced desktop footprint allowing spirometry testing to take place wherever your PC, laptop or tablet can go.

Suitable for testing both adults and pediatrics due to the extremely reliable Fleisch flow technology which is accurate even at very low flow rates.

Pneumotrac with the redesigned Spirotrac 6 software is compliant with the 2019 ATS/ERS spirometry update, ensuring your service meets international guidelines on accuracy and reporting. Spirotrac 6 features a brand new intuitive interface with advanced quality control feedback for rapid and easy testing.  Compatible with all major EHR/EMR systems via HL7

The Pneumotrac Spirometer comes with:

  • Spirotrac 6 Software comes standard with network capability and HL7 connection kit for EMR/EHR communication 
  • Protective carry pouch
  • USB cable
  • SpiroTutor® training (see below for details)
  • 5 yr warranty (see below for details)

Get certified device training via our online training resource SpiroTutor™ by Vitalograph® which is available 24/7. One FREE enrollment provided with the registration of your Pneumotrac device.  A training certificate is issued upon completion.

Comes with 5-Year Warranty with unlimited technical support if registered within 30-days of purchase. (terms and conditions apply)  

Check out Reimbursement codes for Vitalograph Devices in the USA and watch the short video! 

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