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Placebo Aerosol Canister

SKU: 45027
Two silver Placebo Aerosol Canisters.
The place to insert the placebo canister is shown.

The Placebo Aerosol Canister serves as the hfa compenet for MDI inhaler training simulations via the Vitalograph AIM™ device (Aerosol Inhalation Monitor).  

Box of 8. Supplied in a 14mL aluminium container with a silver metering valve. The approximate size of the container is 22mm x 45mm.Each placebo canister contains 1.0g Ethanol and 12.0 g of HFA134a propellant [Zephex grade 134a from Ineos Fluor]. (200 accutations each cannister).There is no oleic acid in the formulation. 

Use cost analysis:

Placebo Aerosol Canister (box of 8) $160/ 10¢ per dose average 4 doses per training = 40¢ ea.

Manufactured by: Vitalograph