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  • Desktop devices offer the best of both worlds from the PC and Handheld product lines making it ideal for point-of-care spirometry testing. 
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium batteries and equipped with an internal printer to allow for use in a wide range of settings. Designed for primary care, acute care bedside exams, and occupational health environments.
  • Touch screen device displays test results and graphs for instant review and quick print.
  • Reporting software allows users to generate customizable PDF reports. Additional software includes a connection tool for EMR integration at no additional cost that is compatible with all major EHR/EMR systems.
  • All spirometers offered are compliant with ATS/ERS 2019 spirometry guidelines which ensures that your diagnostic service offerings meet all international standards for accuracy and reporting.
  • Accurate at very low flow rates. ALL devices are suitable for testing both adult and pediatric patients with reliable Fleisch flow technology. 
  • CDS offers remote installation and live real-time support to keep you up and running.
  • Online training from SpiroTutor™ is available for all devices, allowing clinicians to access expert content and core spirometry training at any time.
  • All Vitalograph products are paired with the industries best 5 year manufacturer warranty and 1 free enrollment for SpiroTutor™ training upon device registration.