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Do you know if you’re reporting reliable spirometry data?? (NIOSH Poster Download)

Do you know if you’re reporting reliable spirometry data?? (NIOSH Poster Download)

Did you know that many specialist will repeat testing for patients referred in due to variations in quality? CDS would like to help you provide the most accurate data possible.

Download the NIOSH poster here: NIOSH poster

 We encourage you to print and place beside spirometry stations for quick reference. It is also recommended that anyone performing spirometry to become familiar with American Thoracic Society (ATS) standards  (see ATS standardization statement). Here is a quick reference guide:

Spirometry Test Acceptability Requirements for Adults and for Children:

  1. A good start of exhalation without hesitation which causes extrapolated volume  (5% of FVC or 0.150 L)
  2. Free from artifacts
  3. No cough during first second of exhalation (for FEV1 to be correct)
  4. No glottis closure or abrupt termination (for FVC)
  5. No early termination or cutoff (for FVC). Timed expiatory volumes can be reported in maneuvers with early termination, but FVC should be reported only with qualification. (rule is minimum of 6  seconds for anyone over age 8, if under 8 yr minimum of 3 seconds)
  6. Maximal effort provided throughout the maneuver
  7. No obstructed mouthpiece
  8. Must have 3 acceptable efforts with at least 2 within 10% to show repeatably

Please contact us with any questions you may have. We provide onsite and remote training sessions to help your organization perform and report the best data possible.