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2016 AARC Congress

Professional Reflections


A great time was had by all alongside the beautiful Riverwalk in San Antonio this year at the annual AARC Congress. On the flightDr. Berlinski gave a great talk on advancement of aerosol therapy home I began reflecting on the whirl wind of the past four days. I left inspired and refreshed after meeting with friends and industry leaders.

Inspiring and innovative ideas were on Congrats to David Wheeler for receiving the FAARC credential display; Awards given for contributions….

Vendors brought their newest technology, I was happy to share clinical tips and tricks with folks with at the Vitalograph booth 😉

Speakers challenged us to progress current practices.

Social gatherings reunited us with dear friends, esteemed colleagues, and peers of the past 18 years. Memories were made….

aarc-congressBut my biggest take away was from a statement made by dear friend and esteemed colleague Vernon Pertelle. In his Gene, Vernon Pertelle, Mike Hesstalks, he confirmed our position with regard to health care reform, “The train has left the station, get on board.”

In the immediate future we as the respiratory care profession will either change, i.e. get on board or be left at the station!

CDS is on board. We will continue to work daily to establish our place in the new health care model and ensure the future of our beloved profession of respiratory care.