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#1 Solution for cutting PFT and Spirometry cost

#1 Solution for cutting PFT and Spirometry cost

The most common concern I hear when visiting with customers is how do to we get the best test results while keeping operating costs low? While working “in the trenches” I’ve discovered a few tricks of the trade to share with you. The first involves disposables and simply stated, all are not created equal. Before going any further, let me encourage those of you using a cardboard mouthpiece to consider changing to a single use bacterial viral filter mouthpiece for infection control and equipment longevity. Statements from the ATS (American Thoracic Society) recommend the use of single patient use bacterial/viral. This practice has gained widespread acceptance in the marketplace when performing lung function testing by eliminating the need for expensive sterilization that can cause wear of pneumotachometers and other flow transducers. This alone conservatively saves thousands of dollars in maintenance costs over the life of your equipment.

My filter of choice in most occasions is the Elliptical styled BVF (bacterial/viral filters). This may be the solution you are looking for also. Let me explain why; the revolutionary elliptical mouthpiece/filter shape is more comfortable for patients of all ages as it fits the natural contour of the mouth. This allows the end user to instruct patients to use a two finger technique to keep corners tight when performing maneuvers. Thus eliminating the need for expensive and uncomfortable rubber flanged mouth seals; significantly reduced operating cost while allowing for shorter testing times. This filters is available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit all major pulmonary function manufacturers.  Including but not limited to MCG, Nspire, Vitalograph, Morgan, KoKo, CareFusion to name a few. Added color variety allows you to color code filters when using more than one model. All the benefits without sacrificing quality or filter efficiency and well within the ATS/ERS recommendations for resistance, dead space and efficiency, allowing you to obtain an accurate measurement.

Our American-made filters are an affordable, practical, affordable means of protecting both your patients and instrumentation against cross contamination.

Finally, a PFT Filter designed with you and the patient in mind. The utmost in ease and comfort for your patients has arrived.

-Amanda Clark, RRT, President of Carolina Diagnostic Solutions, LLC 

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