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Vitalograph Smoking Cessation Bundle

SKU: 29750 and 40500
The BreathCO Monitor and the Vitalograph Lung Age Meter are shown side by side.
The left side of the BreathCo monitor is shown.
The right side of the BreathCo Monitor is shown.
The Vitalograph Lung Age Meter is shown from the front.
The Vitalograph Lung Age Meter is shown with a Bacterial/Viral filtered mouthpiece attached.

Our Smoking Cessation Package is a staple for anyone looking to combat a smoking problem. This package includes The BreathCO Monitor and the Vitalograph Lung Age Meter. This package is designed to support effective smoking cessation by providing objective data caused by smoking. The BreathCO Monitor provides visual proof of the danger of smoking by monitoring carbon monoxide levels in the lungs. It is paired with the Lung Age Meter that allows a patient to see their calculated "lung age" and compare it to their actual age to assess the damage that smoking has caused on their body. This kit is powerful and is combative to smoking habits.

Manufactured by: Vitalograph


The BreathCo

Vitalograph BreathCO Carbon Monoxide Monitor
Model 2900
Size 175 x 100 x 50mm
Weight 0.3kg
Display Resolution Parts per million (ppm)
Display Range 0 to 199 ppm
Power Supply 9V dry alkaline battery


The BreathCO provides powerful motivation to give up smoking by clearly illustrating the levels of carbon monoxide excreted from a smoker’s lungs.

  • Fast indicator of smoking status by measuring alveolar carbon monoxide.
  • CO levels in ppm shown on the large display, not COHb estimates.
  • Unique zero adjuster, highly stable calibration and long life sensor.
  • The CO monitor of choice for many research studies.

The Lung Age 

Product Respiratory Monitor Lung Age
Model 4000
Dimensions 109mm (length) x 63mm (width) x 42mm (height)
Flow Detection Principal Stator rotor
Accuracy Better than ±3%
Back Pressure Less than 0.15kPa/L/second @ 14L/s
Measurement Range 0-9.99 L BTPS
Power Supply 3V (2 x 1.5V AAA batteries)
Battery Life 3 months of use, 3 tests per day
Quality Check Slow start of test (Vext>5%) or a cough detected in the first second
Performance Standards & Guidelines ATS/ERS 2019, ISO 26782:2009
Auto Power Down Time 2 minutes


Identification of a reduction in FEV1 provides an early warning of the damage already suffered by the lungs at the pre-symptomatic stage, when smoking cessation is most effective. Reduced FEV1 is a key indicator of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), often caused by smoking.

  • Measures FEV1 and displays FEV1 as a % of predicted value.
  • Displays lung age to help illustrate the impact of smoking on the subject’s lungs.
  • Large, easy to read display.
  • Electronic record – no need for record cards.
  • Automatically stores best values in a test session.
  • Zones indicate level of abnormality.
  • Quality of blow indicator.
  • Suitable for use in clinic with Bacterial Viral Filters (BVF™).