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SafeTway Pediatric One-Way "Mini" Mouthpiece

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SafeTway Pediatric One-Way "Mini" Mouthpiece

COVID ALERT: We have placed this product on hold due to ATS/ERS recommendation for bacterial viral filters in it's place to protect patients and healthcare staff from spread of respiratory particles such as SARS cov2  and prevent cross contamination of devices. Please shop our BVF line for ultimate protection of 99.999%  

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The SafeTway One-Way "Mini" Mouthpiece is a low resistance mouthpiece that allows entry of expired air into the measuring system, but not back into the test subject. The calculated design of this product prevents the patient from cross0infection by accidental inhalation of pathogens. The Pediatric version is available for pediatric use or for elderly patients who have difficulty fitting their mouth properly around a standard size mouthpiece.

Manufactured by: Vitalograph