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Jaegar BVF Filter (3 boxes of 50)

SKU: 28363
Jaegar BVF Filter (3 boxes of 50)

3 Boxes of 50

99.999% Effective against covid

The Jaeger Round (BVF) Bacterial/ Viral Filter is translucent in color it comes in boxes of 50 each. This filter is superior in quality and has a >99% bacterial and viral protection.

Filter Size: 32.4-33.1 mm OD | 29.4-29.9 mm ID

Fits the Following PFT Equipment: Jaeger®

Manufactured by: Vitalograph

Filter Specifications

Dead Space: 65mL

Resistance to Airflow@12.5L/sec: 0.8cmH2O/L/s

Bacterial/ Viral: 99.99%