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Vitalograph In2itive™ Spirometer

SKU: 79401
Handheld, mobile spirometer.  The color screen on the side is displayed.
An illustration fo a hand selecting search results on a screen using a stylus.
A sample graph as it would appear on the side of the mobile spirometer.
A sample graph as it would appear on the side of the mobile spirometer.
A woman uses the mobile spirometer while wearing nose clips.  Hands of a medical professional are holding the spirometer and checking the output data.
Text at the top reads: SpirOTutor, by Vitalograph. Below an beside the text, interfaces for online training are shown on both phone and computer.

Our high-quality mobile spirometer with PC and network connectivity. Vitalograph’s In2itive™ combines the benefits of full spirometry, data integration, and mobility in a small lightweight handheld spirometer. Robust Fleisch Flow measuring technology and a simple icon-driven menu, plus a large, high-resolution color touch-screen and storage capacity for 10,000 subjects,  makes In2itive™ the ideal solution for high-quality spirometry on the move.  Manual entry of subject data is optional as In2itive™ makes it possible to select all subject data from Spirotrac and download it automatically- saving time and eliminating data entry errors.

  • Printing with Vitalograph Reports Software (included).
  • A miniaturized version of the proven Vitalograph Fleisch pneumotachometer.
  • Unique optionally removable flow head which allows pneumotach to be held by patient and device to be held by the technician.
  • Tests include FVC (pre and post), VC (SVC); Lung Age; a large selection of reportable parameters.
  • Rechargeable battery operation.
  • On-screen real-time graphs and animated Incentive displays.
  • Can alternate pre and post-testing from different patients for rapid test throughput.
  • Stores up to 10,000 patients in non-volatile memory; backup to Micro-SD.
  • Complete with a protective carrying pouch.
  • Online Training through SpiroTutor™ (terms and conditions apply)

Be sure to Register here for your 5yr manufacturer device Warranty to access your online training seat through SpiroTutor™by Vitalograph   

Manufactured by: Vitalograph