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Audiometer with Spirotrac V Software

SKU: 70409
$1,750.00 - $2,500.00
Audiometer with Spirotrac V Software

The Vitalograph Audiometer offers a comprehensive and easy to use audiometer testing options. All devices are PC-based and connect via USB to Spirotrac Software.

Choose between three models:

Screening: features manual test and 20db autotest.

Advanced Screening: Features of the basic screening test plus adds 20dB Random Auto, xxdB Auto, xxdB Random Auto, Hughson Westlake, and Ear Protection tests to the basic screening audiometry system.

Diagnostic: All the above tests plus adds bone conduction, SISI, Weber, Masking NB/WN/SN, Decrease 10dB Random Auto, and Decrease 5dB Random Autotests to the audiometry system.

Manufactured by: Vitalograph