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Pneumotrac Add-on (hardware only)

SKU: CDS-77732
Pneumotrac Add-on (hardware only)
Pneumotrac Add-on (hardware only)

ANY PURCHASE OF THIS ITEM IS REQUIRED TO VERIFY OWNERSHIP OF SPIROTRAC V FROM VITALOGRAPH. Items will NOT be shipped until this has been verified interanlly. 

The Add-on Pneumotrac is designed to add Spirometry to either an Audiometer or ECG running Spirotrac V or the Compact Expert Diagnostic Workstation. The Pneumotrac Spirometry System is a research-grade PC-based spirometer including Spirotrac V Software for diagnostic spirometry. The Vitalograph Pneumotrac is complete with the hardware to pair with existing Spirotrac V software and connect directly to your laptop or PC. 

  • Hardware only 
  • Online Training through SpiroTutor™ (terms and conditions apply)

Be sure to Register here for your 5yr manufacturer device Warranty to access your online training seat through SpiroTutor™by Vitalograph   

Manufactured by: Vitalograph